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  • TOZIBABE - "DISCOGRAPHY 1984-1986"
  • TOZIBABE - "DISCOGRAPHY 1984-1986"
  • TOZIBABE - "DISCOGRAPHY 1984-1986"
  • TOZIBABE - "DISCOGRAPHY 1984-1986"
  • TOZIBABE - "DISCOGRAPHY 1984-1986"


1. Dezuje
2. Trash
3. Ti
4. Lutke
5. Ko Bos Prisel
6. Bog
7. Nekega Lepega Dne
8. Moja Praznina
9. Nocem Te Vec
10. Zmeraj
11. Hocem Zivet


1. Bog
2. Trash
3. Nocem Te Vec
4. Tozibabe
5. Moja Praznina
6. Dezuje (Live Instrumental)
7. Zmeraj (Live)
8. Lutke (Live)
9. Moja Praznina (Live)
10. Ko Bos Prisel (Live)
11. Tozibabe
12. Nocem Te Ven
13. Trash
14. Zmeraj
15. Hocem Zivet

Tožibabe, an all-female hardcore/punk band from Slovenia, were active between 1983 and 1987 in Ljubljana, ex-Yugoslavia. Their bold and non-conforming style was seen as 'socially dangerous' by the authorities, as they actively opposed the norms imposed by the state. In interviews, Mojca, a member of Tožibabe, described the Yugoslav regime as 'repressive,' noting that the band often found itself under police surveillance. To protect their safety, the band was cautious about being recorded, explaining the scarcity of video footage. By adopting an aggressively dominant and androgynous image akin to male punk groups, Tožibabe faced increased repression and negative stereotypes from the government, which perceived them as a threat. Mojca and her fellow band members displayed remarkable courage and dedication in expressing themselves openly, further underscoring the importance of honoring their legacy.

Finally, a proper reissue is available, featuring Tožibabe's only EP, "Dežuje," as well as other tracks from compilations, rehearsal tapes, festival performances, and songs from VHS tapes. The release includes an inner insert sleeve with pictures, making it a must-have for dedicated Tožibabe fans and serving as the definitive discography collection.