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Side A:

1. Can you hear me?
2. Can you hear me? (MVTANT REMIX)
3. Wagt | Saach
4. Shame

Sibe B:

1. Punish
2. 333
3. Takleef

Aurat, a Los Angeles-based music group whose name means "Women" in Urdu, gained attention in 2020 for their breakthrough album Zeher, which showcased their unique blend of goth and darkwave sounds with Urdu vocals. Their follow-up release, Khaar, takes a sharp turn towards pure electronics, while still maintaining the warmth and emotional immediacy of their previous work. Lead track "¿Can You Hear Me?" sets the tone for the rest of the album, with its interplay between rhythmic programming, monotone sampling, and dreamy key washes. Despite the absence of distorted goth guitars, Khaar is a tight and aggressive set of tunes that provides plenty of variety, from the metallic speed run of "Waqt/Saach" to the wind tunnel noise of "Takleef." The band's precise arrangements are also noticeable in "333," where noise, samples, and beats are neatly doled out and pulled back with great sagacity.

The vinyl record includes an inner sleeve, insert cover, insert back, and PVC sleeve.

Aurat's non-traditional sounds, raw energy, and multilingualism make them a must-listen for fans of experimental music. This LP record was released in 2021 through Detriti Records.