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Side A:

1. Lust Riders
2. The Love Market
3. Mirror Slave
4. Data Sluts

Side B:

1. Liquor Pheromones
2. Shallow Attraction
3. Monster Models
4. Queen Ov Material Happiness

"The Love Market" by Filmmaker is a must-have for any industrial-techno enthusiast looking for a dark, mechanical, and ominous sound. The nocturnal and rhythmic beats of this raw and futuristic album are sure to mesmerize you with its hypnotic and energetic atmospheric tone. The sombre and minimalistic approach of the album is counterbalanced by its melodic and repetitive structure, making it a perfect instrumental background for any occasion. The album's sexy and cold vibes will surely captivate you, and its unique personality is expressed through its hypnotic and atmospheric textures. The driving feel of the record is hard to ignore, and the album's ominous tone anchors the whole experience. Overall, "The Love Market" is a fantastic addition to any techno collection, with a tone and energy that are sure to impress even the most discerning listener.

Record includes a 7th press edition on black vinyl with a traditionally printed cover sleeve, black inner sleeve, and a PVC sleeve. Additionally, a download code is included with the purchase of the black vinyl record.